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Friday, 21 May 2010

On the other side of the woods,Radley took his owners for a bit of history and culture around Lyveden New Bield....then he ran back through the bluebells and paused for a breather, he has a lot of energy in those short legs ~

Scottie dogs rule and he knows it !


  1. Radley is ADORABLE! Such a bright-eyed little man! He must be a world of fun for you!

  2. Oh my arent you cute!!! Handsome as ever!!!!
    I could use some buds. Come and visit me and my hubby and my son and my best buddy Willow (westie) at
    This is our owners site for us..their scotties. We'd love to hear some comments and have someone visit us!
    Come on; I cant promise you that Kenzie my husband wont get jealous..but the rest of the gang will keep him at bay while we get to know each other.
    Hurry; I cant wait for a new friend to woof (chat) with! lol

    Bella at Meadowland Scotties